Storm Panel Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane Management Group installs both Eastern Metal’s Bertha Storm Panels as well as the T&C Eye Wall Armor Hurricane Panel.

Bertha Storm Panels offer value and protection. These systems include removable panels made of aluminum, steel and clear polycarbonate (in Non-HVHZ areas, not available in Miami-Dade or Broward Counties). Panels are cut to size and attached with anchors or tracks for easier assembly and installation. Our storm panels are tested and approved for most areas.

2″ BERTHA System

.050 BERTHA™ Aluminum
BERTHA Clear Single & Double Panels
Galvanized Steel

2-1/4″ BERTHA System

.040 BERTHA Aluminum
.050 BERTHA Aluminum
24 GA BERTHA Galvanized Steel
.030 / 24 GA BERTHA Galvanized Steel


– Less expensive (other than plywood)
– Permanent – no need to replace panels every year
– Easy to store – stack 7 to an inch
– EMS panels have a hemmed edge option

T&C Eyewall Armor – Storm Panels

If you have specific design or builder specifications, you’ll be pleased to find that Town & Country Industries, the world’s largest producer of storm panels, offers 15 exclusive track styles for all mounting conditions.

Translucent Eyewall Armor 6” and 12” panels enable you to illuminate your home in the daylight hours before, during and after a hurricane (non-HVHZ areas only).

The T&C EyeWall Armor panels offer a patented metal-clear-metal application. The .050” and .0615” have been approved for both Miami-Dade and Broward Counties / HVHZ.

The ultra light .018” (28 gauge) and .023” (24 gauge) galvanized steel Eyewall Armor panels with rolled safety edges are tested for large missile impact to SSTD-12, A.S.T.M. E1886 and E1996 standards, but do not meet HVHZ requirements.

Eyewall Armor storm panels have been tested to perform in wind zones in excess of 150 mph in accordance with the NEW 2004 Florida Building Code and International Building Code wind standard (ASCE 7-02). Eyewall Armor storm panels are tested for large missile impact from wind-borne debris in accordance with SSTD-12-99, A.S.T.M. E1886-E1996, or the High Velocity Hurricane Zone TAS 201, 202 AND 203 (same as Miami-Dade PA 201, 202 and 203).

Eyewall Armor Storm Panels Benefits:

– Lightweight
– Rust-free
– Affordable
– Easy installation
– Multiple track options
– Panels available in mill finish, galvanized or white
– Track available in white or bronze

Pricing, Cost, Estimate:

Panels are by far the cheapest option to upgrade your home’s security from hurricanes and receive all your Windstorm Credits through Citizens Insurance. This is a great inexpensive option for large openings such as sliding glass doors or patio enclosures with structural roofs.


– Panel systems require SECURE storage as they are often stolen for scrap
– Panels can be heavy and should be handled with care when installing due to sharp edges and awkward design
– Many community associations will require you to install and remove within days of passing storms potentially causing multiple installs and take downs per year, which is time consuming and can be dangerous
– Panels do not offer significant home security as they are usually only screwed on with wing-nuts, making them easily removed
– Panel systems DO NOT MEET High-Rise design pressures and can not be used above the 3rd non-residential floor and can not be installed in “End-Zones”

Broward County: (954) 256-0030
Collier County: (941) 251-0030
Miami-Dade County: (305) 440-0030
Monroe County: (305) 330-5511