Pembroke Pines Stone Countertop: Kitchen, Bathroom Installation

Granite CountertopsBased near Pembroke Pines FL, HMG provides custom new countertops or countertop resurfacing of natural stone (granite), metal (steel), wood, or tile for a kitchen, bathroom, island or bar. Our company offers countertop installation in a variety of different materials and colors.

Pembroke Pines Bathroom / Kitchen Countertop Materials

There are many options for bathroom or kitchen countertop materials. These include:

Cement / Concrete Countertop
Ceramic Countertop
Composite Quartz Countertop
Copper Countertop
Formica Countertop
Glass Countertop
Granite Countertop
Laminate Countertop
Limestone / Travertine / Marble Countertop
Slate Countertop
Soapstone Countertop
Stainless Steel Countertop
Stone Countertop
Tile Countertop
Wood Countertop

Granite Countertop Colors

Engineered and natural stone granite countertop colors include:

Black Granite Countertops
Grey Granite Countertops
Red Granite Countertops
White Granite Countertops

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Granite Countertops Care and Maintenance

Daily Maintenance of Granite Countertops

– Clean the countertop with warm water and a few drops of dish washing detergent or antibacterial detergent using a soft cloth.
– Rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.
– Keep the stone surface clean.

Heavy Duty / Stain Removal Cleaning of Granite Countertops

– Use a heavy-duty stone degreaser to effectively remove dirt, grease, and grime. These products are concentrated and designed to deep clean without damaging the stone. It’s important to follow manufactures instructions carefully.
– Stone poultice is a fine, non-acid, absorptive clay cleaning powder that removes deep-set oil stains, grease and light cement grout haze from polished and unpolished natural stone. The poultice may dull the shine of the polished stone. If this occurs, you will need to use a marble polish to restore the natural shine.

Avoid Prolonged Exposure to Extreme Temperatures

– Extreme or constant temperature changes may harm the countertop. Avoid leaving hot pans sitting on the counter for long periods of time.

Avoid Cutting Directly on the Countertop

– While granite countertops are highly scratch-resistant, do not cut on it directly; use a cutting board.
– Use mats under objects that can scratch the surface.

Sealing the Granite Countertop

– The sealer should last ten to fifteen years and be of an oleophobic (oil resistant) type. Once properly sealed, the stone will be more resistant.
– Be sure to refer to the specific manufacturer’s instructions.
– Make sure your work area is well ventilated before proceeding to seal the countertop.
– Clean the surface thoroughly.
– Allow the stone to dry for several hours.
– Pour the sealer on the surface. Spread the sealer over the countertop with a paper towel, foam brush or rag. Allow the sealer to sit 5 to 10 minutes; if the sealer is completely absorbed in 5 minutes, add more. After 5 to 10 minutes, blot any remaining sealer.
– Buff the stone dry with a clean terry cloth and let dry for 12 hours before use.

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