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Best Cutler Bay Retractable Awnings: Motorized, Manual, Deck or Window

Retractable AwningHMG, based near Cutler Bay, Miami-Dade County, Florida, provides quality motorized and manual retractable awnings for decks and windows. Our retractable awnings (motorized or manual) increase function and add value to any residential or commercial building. With a retractable awning from us, you can control both natural and artificial lighting. Enjoy your outdoor deck or patio more than ever with the convenience of total shade and lighting control. Extend or retract your retractable awning with the turn of a handle (manual) or push of a button (motorized) – it’s that simple.

Best Cutler Bay Manual or Motorized Retractable Awnings for a Deck, Window or Patio

Our strong, streamlined designs eliminate the need for support poles, so our retractable awnings block the Sun or light rain, but not your view. We offer complete customization so that each retractable awning is made to the unique needs and style of each owner. Our retractable awnings don’t just add beauty and space to your deck, window or patio, they also add equity and value – your covered outdoor space beautifies your living area and increases patio and deck space. Frame your window, patio or deck with the best quality manual or motorized retractable awnings.

Control Room Lighting, Protect Furniture and Save on Utility Costs

Unlike permanent patio awnings and screen enclosures, retractable awnings can be drawn back during hurricanes and storms and brought out during bright sunny days. This protects your awning as it adjusts the amount of light that shines through your window. The Sun’s UV radiation can severely damage and fade furniture, carpet, upholstery, drapes and flooring. You can protect your valuable interior furnishings and prolong their life with a retractable awning. Attached and fully adjustable LED lights provide cost-effective shading and lighting. Retractable awnings help lower energy costs year-round. On warm days, extend your awning to block the Sun from entering your home. Shading your interior will naturally cool your home and reduce air conditioning costs up to 25%. On cold days, you can retract your window awning, allowing the Sun to help heat your home. Your awning can be retracted, eliminating the need for expensive awning removal and re-installation which are necessary for permanent-frame awnings during stormy weather.

Retractable Awning Colors, Fabrics and Designs

HMG offers a large variety of colors, fabrics, designs and trims so that you can have a custom awning that best fits your wants and needs. Click this link for available colors, fabrics and designs.

HMG provides a variety of retractable awning products and services in and around Cutler Bay, Miami-Dade County, Florida:

– Custom Portable, Roll Up & Retractable Awnings
– Mobile Home, Trailer, Camper & RV Awnings
– Front Door & Window Awnings
– Metal Awnings: Aluminum, Copper
– Outdoor Awning for Patio, Deck, Porch
– Retractable Awning Parts, Covers &amp: Lights
– Commercial or House Awnings
– Manual or Motorized Awnings

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Cutler Bay, historically called Cutler Ridge, is an incorporated town in Miami-Dade County, Florida. As of the 2010 census, Cutler Ridge had a total population of 40,286. It is a section of the town which also includes Whispering Pines, Lakes by the Bay, Bel Aire and others. In August 1992, the area was slammed by Hurricane Andrew. In August 2005, the area was hit with serious floods from Hurricane Katrina, which by radar estimates dropped over 20 inches (500 mm) of rainfall.
On January 11, 2005, residents on this unincorporated community voted to incorporate. In November 2005, residents adopted the municipal charter in which the city was renamed Cutler Bay – derived from the former town of Cutler. In January 2006, Cutler Bay elected former Florida state legislator John F. Cosgrove as its first mayor. Cutler Bay is also home to the Southland Mall, which was formerly named Cutler Ridge Mall.

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